• Benefit #1 How to gain the definition and muscle mass that you would never get with the current conventional training.  

  • Benefit #2 The 5 stupid mistakes that the most of bodybuilders makes when trying to becomebigger and how to avoid them!

  • Benefit #3 The famous “5×5 technique” – a unique and powerful method to obtain amazingresults.

  • Benefit #4 The 7 secrets to make yourself bigger in no time. Them alone will allow you to become the biggest you have ever dreamt…

  • Benefit #5 The strategies to obtain results on the long term. 

    And much more…

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You get...

1st Amazon Best Seller

The book about training methods 70-80-90-100 years old

The book is loaded with routines from the past, described thanks to the stories of those who first executed them, with exercises we don’t see anymore today, and it is loaded with the history of bodybuilding and its champions.

Our Readers...

Stevee farr

New Zeland

The classic, physique, which is the aesthetic, symmetrical, proportional & defined is exactly how Adam would have looked. Read & absorb what this classic book has to offer & it can be yours as well.

Neal Snyder


Overall its great! I love reading about the routines and lifestyle and starting following up on some people. The book is massive and is more of a reference than a read, which I happen to enjoy since it introduces me to some people that I have never heard of.

Ron Campbell


Excellent book.. Very well done.